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Irrigation in Vancouver

Apr 28
Are you looking for the top irrigation and sprinkler company in Vancouver? Solid Vancouver Irrigation and Sprinkler stands out amongst its competitors with its unrivaled services, prioritizing customer care and end result. Reach out to us now to discover more!


Sprinkler and Irrigation Services by Experts in Greater Vancouver

Solid Vancouver Irrigation and Sprinkler specialize in residential and commercial irrigation/sprinkler service for Vancouver landscapes, providing essential lawn irrigation solutions during Vancouver's hot, humid summers. A wide range of lawn irrigation services is also available to choose from.

We understand every landscape is unique; therefore, we are familiar with any type of landscape for water sprinkler system installation.

  • Residential
    Solid Vancouver Irrigation and Sprinklers is your go-to provider if you require residential water sprinkler system installation in Greater Vancouver.
  • Commercial
    Commercial businesses looking for irrigation services in Vancouver can count on us as we have extensive experience working on various new commercial projects.
  • Spring Start-Up
    Spring Start-Up helps ensure that irrigation and sprinkler systems function as intended following a long winter.
  • Design and Installation
    Solid Vancouver Irrigation and Sprinkler with over 10 years of experience can design and install on any residential property.
  • Repair Services
    To maintain the optimal operation of your sprinkler and irrigation systems, seek the services of qualified professionals for maintenance and repairs.
  • Landscape Lighting
    Provides unparalleled landscape lighting services throughout Greater Vancouver. With over 10 years of experience under our belts, our experts create safe yet attractive illumination displays for any property.


Keep Your Garden Looking Great All Year Long

Utilize our extensive irrigation and sprinkler services to keep your garden stunning year-round. Install an irrigation system to ensure all plants receive enough water during the hot summer months. Separately, adding outdoor lighting can enhance the exterior while increasing the safety and security of your home.

Solid Vancouver Irrigation and Sprinklers is committed to offering our customers the highest level of service for irrigation and outdoor lighting needs. We offer various installation options for sprinkler systems as well as outdoor lights. In addition, our maintenance and repair service will keep them running in tip-top condition.


Why Greater Vancouver Needs Lawn Sprinkler and Irrigation Services

Many consider lawn sprinkler systems a luxury. While it can provide great convenience, the primary aim is to promote the healthy appearance of your grass.

Greater Vancouver experiences long, hot, and dry summers; using irrigation services will keep your grass green throughout this season. A lawn sprinkler can help prevent your grass from turning brown or dying altogether. 

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Our team offers sprinkler and irrigation system installations in both residential and commercial properties, from installation to design services provided by professional installers. Choose from an assortment of products available so that we can find one which best meets your requirements, and we'll do all the rest - everything from installation to design will be taken care of for you.

Our service is top notch and our price is competitive. 

Call us to gain more knowledge about our services! We welcome any inquiries related to them!

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