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Why shouldn't you leave a tree stump in the ground?

Oct 18

Stumps are more than an eyesore. They pose serious safety risks. You should get rid of stumps in your yard for several reasons. You have two options: leave your stump and hire a professional phoenix tree removal to take it out.


After a tree has been removed, it is possible to have both the stump and the roots removed. You can also have the stump ground while keeping the roots. Or, you can leave the stump alone. If the roots and stump of a tree are not taken care of, they will rot and become home to insects, fungi and other organisms. Sometimes the roots will continue to grow.


Tree stumps that are left in the ground can pose many hazards and problems, including:

Property Damage

Sometimes the stump's roots can continue to grow even after the tree is removed. This can lead to roots reaching other areas of your property and home. They may wrap around and crack pipes, lift pavement, crack your foundation, and even cause damage to your home. Getting rid of the stump as soon as possible is best to prevent any potential damage to nearby properties.

Insect and Pest Infestations

A tree stump that is left alone will eventually decompose by organisms. Ants will ultimately decompose the stump. Carpenter ants are one example. These ants will eventually appear elsewhere, such as in trees, plants, or in your home. Termites, wood wasps and other pests can live in tree stumps. They spread to other trees, shrubs and homes and become costly and difficult to eradicate.


Tree stumps can be unsightly invasive and obstruct space in yards and landscapes. Other invasive plants can also use tree stumps to grow. Even though they are small, they can be difficult to remove and unattractive.

Fungi such as mushrooms can also grow on stump roots and tree stumps, popping up all over your yard. These can be harmful to pets and children, depending on their type. They can also spread to infect trees around them.

Safety Hazards

Tree stumps harm children and anyone else who walks or plays in your yard. A tree stump is not only dangerous for tripping or toe-stubbing, but it can also cause injury to anyone who falls on it. Landscape maintenance is a complex task. If the mower comes in contact with a tree stump, it could cause damage to the lawnmower or even injury.

Aesthetics & Space

Tree stumps can take up valuable yard space. They are also often considered eyesores, reducing curb appeal and property values. Potential buyers might not want to buy a property with dangerous stumps or tripping hazards if they decide to sell.

You can increase curb appeal by removing stumps and repurposing space with a planter, picnic table or patio set. You can also leave the space open for a safe area where children can play.

Continued Tree Growth

Tree stumps can cause new tree growth. They can be costly and difficult to remove because new shoots often come back. Small trees can also sap nutrients and moisture from nearby plants, preventing your garden or landscape from flourishing. A tree can also grow back from the stump and create a multi-trunked tree which is more difficult to remove than the original stump.


Two options exist for removing a stump from a tree: stump grinding or stump removal. Contact phoenix tree removal if you need help removing a stump from a tree. Lawn services near me will be able to remove the stump for you safely.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is a less laborious and more efficient way to remove a stump. Arborists use this method to remove a tree stump using a rotating cutting disc. They then shred it into small wood chips that can be used in their garden as mulch. Although the tree roots are still underground, they will eventually die and natural decay.

Stump Removal

To get rid of stumps, you can burn them or dissolve them with chemicals. The most common method of removing stumps is to remove the entire root system and stump from the ground.

This labor-intensive method involves heavy machinery removing the stump and roots from the ground. Although it can leave a large hole in the ground, the space, once filled, is entirely blank and ready for landscaping ideas.


Although a stump from a tree can seem innocent, it can cause severe damage to your property and create headaches if left unattended. It will not only take up valuable yard space but also pose a risk to your family and property. Consider hiring a professional stump grinder to remove that stump. Say goodbye to the eyesore and welcome to a spacious, safe yard.